We advise some of the world’s most prestigious companies, all leading players in consumer products, retail, luxury, hospitality, media, and automotive. Our long-term relationships with senior leaders give us access to top talent and help us identify and attract the most suitable executives for your organization.


Compassion, understanding, consideration, generosity…define humanity, and are all needed to build lasting relationships. Because humanity is a core value in our company and we take a long-term view of our business, we reject the transactional mentality. A candidate is first and foremost a human being. 

Emmanuel Hemmerle

Executive search is above all a “people business.” It deals with human beings who are by nature unique and complex. At Emmanuel Hemmerle we seek to build unique relationships with our clients and candidates in the complex business environment of China, through craftsmanship, passion, specialization, independence, and integrity. 


Executive Search is a craft, one whose main element is not wood, metal, or fabric, but talent.  Yet we take inspiration from eternal artisans: Tang Dynasty’s Changnan potters, Renaissance goldsmiths, and silk-weaving craftsmen of the Ming Dynasty Suzhou. Like them, we apply a combination of art and technique bolstered by an obsession for quality, depth and detail.


Our founder, Emmanuel, is a passionate craftsman of executive search. He lives and breathes his trade as a noble and sophisticated craft that demands a subtle combination of hundreds of soft variables around people’s psyche, aspirations, and emotions to deliver a tailor-made service, a premium experience that is personalized, high-touch, intuitive, creative, insightful, but also tenacious, rigorous and thorough.


Rather than seeking to grow bigger and pursue an ubiquitous and “general merchandise” model, Emmanuel Hemmerle favors niche, hands-on service that specializes in a limited industry scope and focuses on a defined geography.

In the realm of pure human high-touch service, small is beautiful in order to provide superior, flexible one-on-one service to both clients and candidates.

China Based

China is a complex and developing market. In order for our firm to have a full grasp of the market realities and rapidly-changing local needs in the executive talent field, we needed to base our headquarters in the midst of it all. We chose Shanghai. 

But our firm is not only headquartered in China, it is the first and only Chinese company at the Executive Talent Search level today. 


Emmanuelle Hemmerle is an independently-owned firm. We can provide nimble service to our clients because, unlike big executive search consulting firms, we are free of a heavy global infrastructure, stock-market imperatives, and global HQ’s volume targets. 

Our long-term plans involve keeping the firm private, where the owner will continue to personally take care of every single client.


We present all our market research and feedback to our clients in a completely transparent and unadulterated manner. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, our firm has chosen to work selectively with a reduced number of players in any given industry. We also offer our leadership advisory services as a complement to executive search, to existing clients only, rather than making it a separate line of business.