Executive Search and Leadership Advisory revolve around talent. The candidate occupies a fundamental place in the client-consultant-candidate triad. Too often, however, a candidate may be made to feel like a commodity, a “third wheel.” At Emmanuel Hemmerle, we believe that each candidate brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and life circumstances that must all be taken into consideration.

That is why we treat our candidates with the same diligence, scrutiny, and respect that we adhere to with our clients. Furthermore, in order to ensure the best possible fit, we choose to only work with those clients who share our beliefs and long-term vision.

We are always eager to learn about talented leaders. Include yourself in our selective pool of qualified candidates and we will promptly get back to you. Please send your resume/CV to:


We are also regularly looking for talented individuals to join our Emmanuel Hemmerle team. Please send your resume/CV for consideration to: 

Current Openings at Emmanuel Hemmerle: Researchers and Associates.


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